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You can live a happy, healthy family life!

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How much longer can you put off your health?

Are you frustrated that your body isn’t working like it should? Are you fed up with your fertility problems? Do you want an alternative to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? Does IVF’s prohibitive cost and dismal success rate make you suspicious? Are you confused why you can’t carry a pregnancy to term?

The Best Path to Reproductive Health

Striving to maintain a healthy family life is tough enough without dealing with toxic and manipulative approaches to infertility or recurrent miscarriage.  Anemos offers the finest of fertility evaluation and care to reduce this stress.

There is a better way to restore your reproductive health.

At Anemos we promise:

  • To never promote bad medicine.

  • To help naturally restore the healthy rhythms of your fertility.

  • To give you the finest evaluation, support, and treatment medicine has to offer.

  • To help you understand the science behind natural reproductive medicine so you can be an active participant in the restoration process.

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Common Challenges We Help Couples Solve


Superior fertility care is directed toward restoring the body's natural fertility cycle. Diagnosing the root cause of infertility with appropriate supportive treatment is critical. There is hope here!



PCOS and Edometriosis are not only fertility concerns, but general health concerns for women. When treatement is directed at supporting and restoring natural cycles, fertility and medical concerns improve.

Failed IVF

Unsuccessful IVF can be emotionally and financially crushing. Find hope and medically sound fertility care here, at a fraction of the cost. Let us explain in a free phone or face-to-face interview.

Male Factor Infertility

An estimated 30% of couples seeking help with infertility will be shown to have a male factor component. 

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“Dr. Lambert has offered me personalized care unlike any other doctor that I have encountered.” 

—  Jennifer S.


Dr. Garry Lambert is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, a member of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (IIRRM), and certified in Medical Acupuncture.

Using the power of Restorative Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Lambert diagnoses and treats the root causes of infertility.

You can live a full family life!

  1. Come in for a consultation.

  2. Develop a plan to understand your unique situation and challenges.

  3. Naturally restore your fertility.

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How expensive is this treatment?

An initial consultation is $325. This consult interviews the couple and reviews any prior workup that has been done. The usual course of labs, ultrasounds and monthly visits for a year will average about $2500 - $3000. In comparison, InVitro Fertilization averages $12,500 - $15,000 per cycle with a 50% success rate, and Adoption fees runs $20,000-$40,000. Restorative Reproductive medicine rivals IVF success rates at a fraction of the cost.

What happens if it doesn't work for me?

Despite all of medical science’s achievements, the ‘gift’ of life comes still from God, in His time. The benefit of a great fertility workup and treatment is to get you healthy. Anemos Fertility Care’s goal is to optimize your overall health, and good fertility will follow.

How long will this process take?

Obtaining a complete, well documented, fertility cycle, while obtaining a baseline Ultrasound and lab tests usually takes 4-6 weeks. Once the fertility defect is isolated, the next two cycles (usually about two months) are dedicated to treating those defects, and restoring a healthy, normal cycle. Once that normal cycle is established, we follow and support you monthly for the next 12 months to insure no changes or modifications. When pregnancy occurs, we follow you monthly to support those hormonally with high risk pregnancies.

Do you really think this will work for me?

Most couples who suffer the ache of infertility or recurrent miscarriage have never had a thorough and detailed evaluation to get to the root cause of the problem. Once the baseline workup has been completed, many therapeutic options are possible. Anemos Fertility Care is able to go deeper than any other Restorative Reproductive Medicine Clinic in the country, with options such as Medical Acupuncture, when appropriate, to support and enhance the treatment.

I've tried something like this before, do you think it will work for me?

Unless you have seen a Restorative Reproductive Medicine specialist, it is unlikely you have had anything like this kind of workup before. Even so, there are always new insights and therapies being used that can improve the chances of a successful, healthy pregnancy.

What is the success rate for this process?

Clearly each couple is different, but after the initial workup is done, realistic expectations and success percentages can be determined, so that you can make informed decisions about further treatments and course of care. In general, however, national and international averages of RRM have shown an across the spectrum success rate of better than 60% rate to live birth, a 30% success rate in patients with up to 3 failed IVF treatments, and an 80% success rate in women with recurrent miscarriages. National averages for a single IVF treatment is 40-50% ‘pregnancy’ rate, with lower numbers when looking at completing the pregnancy to term.

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  • Initial consultation which includes reviewing the details of your medical history, reviewing your available fertility cycle charts, appropriate examination, and discussion of therapeutic plans and interventions.



  • Initial consultation which includes reviewing the details of your medical history, reviewing your available fertility cycle charts, appropriate examination, and discussion of therapeutic plans and interventions.

  • Up to 4 follow-up visits. ($500 value)



  •  Initial consultation which includes reviewing the details of your medical history, reviewing your available fertility cycle charts, appropriate examination, and discussion of therapeutic plans and interventions.

  • Up to 10 monthly follow-up visits. ($1250 value)

  • Initial and as needed monthly hormonal blood test lab work. (Up to $500 value) 

* Note: Anemos Fertility Care uses the finest outpatient Ultrasound Centers, and has arranged a self-pay cost which is dramatically lower than most, but will be additional to the base price. (Ultrasounds may often be covered by one’s insurance also.) Also, evaluation for Male Fertility Factor testing, when needed, will be in addition to the base price.


We would love to help you on your path to reproductive health.
Call or message us today to ask a question or book an appointment.

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